About Living Outside The Boat

One of the most powerful stories I ever heard was that of the Peter, when he walked on water.

Life begins outside the boat

Life begins outside the boat... Go ahead, get wet.

He didn’t last long, though. If it weren’t for the helping hand reaching down to catch him, Peter would have hit the bottom of the sea like an anchor.

For years, I always thought that Peter was a wimp… a failure. Seriously, he had Jesus (the greatest water-walking coach in the universe) right there telling him how to do it. And he still sunk… What a loser.

Then, one day, I realized something that absolutely changed my life: there were 11 others, but they were still in the boat.

Peter, though wet, had the courage to get out of the boat.  He wasn’t afraid of making mistakes. He wanted to live “all in.”

Since then, I have transformed my relationship to failure. Where I was previously afraid of taking risks, I now embrace them as part of the experience of life. My wish is that I won’t ever be found inside the boat, playing it safe.

May the thoughts I share through this site help you to live “all in.”